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Cold meats
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Salumi di produzione Antica Salumeria Salvini

The following kinds of cold meats and salami, are from our own production, are typical products from the Sienese pork-butcher's:

Fresh sausage, made from scraps of pork shoulder and bacon.
Dry spicy sausage, made from all the lean parts of the pigs head.
Salami and little salami, made from the pork shoulder and small hand-cut lumps of fat.
Capocollo, very tasty part of the pork, spiced with wild fennel.
Tuscan ham, typical Sienese ham with an application of garlic and salt.
Buristo and soppressata, poor persons cold meats and salami from the Sienese farmers made from the head and rind using various procedures.
Guanciale and rigatino
Lardo di cinta


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