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The "Pecorino of Crete Senesi" that we would like you to taste is produced by brothers Corbeddu company.
Her flocks, freely browse in meadows cultivated according to the most severe regulations of biological agriculture, and produce the excellent milk used to skilfully produce the cheese we are offering you.
According to the maturing period, the "Pecorino" cheese of Crete Senesi is fresh, semi-mature or dry.
The fresh cheese, maturing time from few days to one month, has light and soft paste with delicate taste and keeps unchanged the smell of meadow grass.
The semi-mature cheese, maturing time from one to about four months, has straw yellow, consistent and tasty paste.
The dry cheese, maturing time of more than four months, has compact paste, intense and full-bodied taste with complex smells ideal for being tasted with chestnut honey or grated onto pasta "matriciana".


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